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Swimming for a Living

Imagine not going fishing, boating, pool parties with your friends, to the beach or for a walk by the lake because you are afraid and cannot swim. Think of all the activities that require being comfortable in the water and the ability to swim. Now change a life or possibly even save it, by teaching or selling swim lessons. The ability to swim is so powerful and encompassing that it will affect a person throughout their entire life.

We hire for 4 different departments: instructor, lifeguard, sales associate & aide. Ideally, we would like our employees to be trained in all departments. We usually train new staff as instructors first and then train for the sales associate position once the employee understands the nature of the business, which is best gained by spending time with the children in the pool.

Job Descriptions

Swim Instructors

Swim-in Zone is first and foremost a swim school, and so  our swim instructors are the most integral part of our business. They must introduce swimming skills in a Disney-like fun way while still progressing the students and keeping them safe in the class. Consistency is the key to success, and swim instructors must be responsible to attend all the classes assigned to their schedule for an entire session. Sessions vary in length from 10-15 weeks long and roughly follow the seasons. We teach classes Monday-Thursdays from 9a-8p, Fridays from 9a-6:30p, Saturdays from 8:30a-2p and Sundays from 10:30-3:30p.

Qualifications: High school student or high school graduate > age 16 with experience teaching young children; great swimming ability- competitive swimming experience is desired but not required; a teaching background gives you an edge over other applicants; of course, kid friendly and most importantly a commitment to the idea that learning to swim is a very important skill that could save a life. The employee must want to make a difference in a child’s life and introduce them to a whole new environment.

Duties: Instruct the students in our swim school according to the objectives, challenges and skills outlined in Swim-in Zone’s teacher training.


Swim-in Zone not only hires lifeguards but also trains them using the Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program. Lifeguards must be > 15 years old.

Qualifications: Currently certified in Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED and First Aid. Responsible, reliable, friendly, outgoing. Reliable transportation is an absolute requirement.

Duties: Responsible for the safety of our patrons and staff; supervise children; prevent accidents; follow and enforce pool policies, rules and procedures; maintenance of the facility as assigned; administer first aid.

Customer Service

Customer service associates must have a sales personality, the ability to multitask, love kids, a basic working knowledge of computers and have wonderful telephone skills. Swim-in Zone uses a scheduling program called SwimWare that is very easy to learn.

Qualifications: High school student or high school graduate > age 16, preferably with a knowledge of competitive swimming.

Duties: Sell our programs, schedule students, paperwork as assigned and open or close the facility reliably. There are some required maintenance duties.


Occasionally we need help with classes in the pool, give tours, assist parents and children, filing, paperwork, cleaning, etc. We hire high school or college students who are lifeguard certified to assist with these jobs.

Qualifications: High school student or high school graduate > age 15. Lifeguard certification desirable or willing to be certified ASAP; personable and able to relate to children and adults, willing to help do whatever needs to be done.

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We are always looking for quality, invigorated, reliable, enthusiastic, organized exceptional employees. If you are looking for a fun & rewarding carreer apply today!

Part Time & Full TIme

We offer part-time flexible hours that can fit into any work or school schedule. Some of our staff work just a few hours each week and some work more than 30 hours/week.

Career of Importance & Fun

Swimming is a skill that can save a child’s life. We have had many stories of children that we have taught save their own life or the life of a sibling.  

Free Certifications

We offer free certification and recertification of your Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR & AED Training to all our Staff.


Because we are primarily a children’s facility, we require all our staff to have clearances for Child Abuse, Criminal Record, and FBI fingerprint.  Parents trust us with their children’s lives, and we endeavor to present a professional business image that is responsible, caring, serious, yet fun for the children. We ask our staff to look professional both in and out of the pool.

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