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Beyond the Levels Stroke Enhancement

Swim-in Zone believes that children should involve themselves in many activities in order to see where their talents lie before emphasizing one. We believe that, while swimming well is an extremely important skill for children to master, swim team should not occupy too much of a child’s free time. For this reason we ask “team members” to come no more than twice per week during the school year. We emphasize TECHNIQUE FIRST, DISTANCE SECOND.  A Swim-in Zone coach will get into the water to help a child with the stroke rather than have them do lap after lap the wrong way. Once a child decides that swimming is “their sport”, they then are encouraged to pick a USA Swimming team, Y team, community team or summer team that best suits their needs.
These swimmers know all 4 competitive strokes.
They usually have been on a summer swim team before. Ages 7-9.

Goals of Off to the Races:
Understand body alignment and streamlining.
Learn about speed, drag and what affects speed.
Learn efficient turns and starts.
600-750 yd. practice

Ratio 8:1

These swimmers know all 4 competitive strokes.
They may or may not have been on a swim team before. Ages 10+.

Goals of Double Digits:
Workout of 800-1000yds.
Super strokes, starts and turns.

Ratio 12:1

Practice Days and Times:Flexible scheduling plan. Although you must pick a day of the week that your child is most likely to attend practice, your child may attend any practice scheduled for the practice group. If you miss a practice, just come to an extra one the next week or to a 30 min. Level 4 or 5 make-up group class.

Current Practice Times

Summer 2021 will have a combined Off to the Races and Double Digits Swim Team.

Off to the Races

Tuesday: 7:30-8:30pm

Double Digits

Tuesday: 7:30-8:30pm

Swimmers age 9 and over who are attending a swim class or swim practice may stay without their parents in attendance if a release is signed.