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What People Are Saying

I just want to say that Mr. Daniel is doing such a great job with my daughter, Savannah. She is a spirited 3-year old and since he became her teacher at the start of the summer has been nothing but patient with her. She’s learning so much and has a fun time while doing so. Every week she can’t wait until Wednesday so she can “swim with Mr. Daniel.” Just wanted to make sure you knew that one of your parents noticed how great he (and the rest of Swim-in Zone) is.

Lisa C.


I just wanted to let you know that everything went so smoothly the past two lessons. I can’t imagine all the long hours you have all had to put in with all the new procedures but from our end it was awesome! The cleaner in the waiting room is great and very efficient making sure all of the chairs are cleaned ?

Thanks so much for getting my kids out of the house for a little during these crazy times!

Have a great night and hopefully, things will move to green quickly for Swim-in Zone ?


Mary E.

We live minutes from other pools and would much rather drive the distance to Swim-in Zone! The staff are very knowledgeable in swim skills and safety skills, they are very friendly and extremely helpful! I am very happy to have found a great pool and amazing swim lessons for my daughter. ?

Samantha L

Swim-in Zone is a treasure to our family and the Lehigh Valley Swimming Community. The impact will be felt for generations to come! Thank you.


Abby & Ryan Woodruff & Family

We love Swim-in Zone! Everyone is so very nice! Especially in this tough time they are making an extra effort to keep people safe! Instructors are really knowledgeable and are so good with the kids. I love that they are really part of our town for so long! Best Swim school by far!!!?

Joan F.

Today my daughter, Ilana (2.5), jumped into a pool to get a toy that had fallen in. She didn’t have her puddle jumper on because she hadn’t been swimming at that time. She was with her friends, ages 3-6. After jumping in she immediately swam (turned around) to the side of the pool and held herself up as I ran to get her. It happened in a flash. 

THANK YOU for teaching her and my son (Finn, 5.5) swim safety. I can’t imagine how the situation would have unfolded if we didn’t do swim lessons. A special thank you to Beth, who has worked with Ilana this summer. I’m sure it’s her one on one lessons that kept Ilana safe. 

We always said that we paid a lot for swim lessons not just because our kids enjoy but that it’s important- I never thought I’d watch in real time the importance play out.

Thank you for all you do to keep kids safe and having fun in water.


Ms. Penny was extremely patient with our 3 year old who refused to participate in swim class alone. She we able over several weeks to get her to trust her, and now our daughter in jumping in the pool on her own and going under water. My other daughter has been going to Swim-in Zone for many years and has great techniques and understands water safety. The entire staff is wonderful, clean facility and very flexibile with scheduling. Highly recommend!

Devon M.

Good Afternoon,

I was very impressed and not worried about a thing while I watched my son today.

Big thanks to all the staff for all their due diligence. We are very new to the Swim-in Zone family but love it so far.

Warm Regards,

Sara B.

May 27, 2020

My daughter, Ellison, had her first lesson today since “the sickness”, as we call it in our house. She has always enjoyed coming to swim, but today was the first time in weeks that I’ve seen her smile so much! I almost cried watching Ellison interact with her new teacher Erika. My daughter is an only child, and though she has been handling everything the past few months have brought very well, she has missed that special interaction with others. I want to thank you for opening your doors and taking the special precautions needed to keep everyone safe. We can’t wait to see you all again next week!

Laura B.

I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone at Swim In Zone for a great summer. At the outset of the summer, I wasn’t sure if I could convince my daughter, Andie (age 6) to do swim lessons. She seemed very apprehensive about the idea at first and was nervous about going underwater and being independent in the pool.

However, after she started w/ Noah at the Swim In Zone her apprehension quickly faded. She learned so much during her week and you could see the improvement every day. After the first few lessons, she now wanted to come back and was actually asking why the lessons were “only 30 minutes”. I was very proud to see how she grew in confidence after every lesson. 

I signed her up for lessons again last week w/ Isabella, this time for 45 minutes and Andie excelled again. She was so happy to see the progress she made and how she was climbing up the different levels. She went from a kid who was afraid to go in a pool w/out a life vest on, to someone doing the backstroke and grabbing rings off the deep end floor.

Both Noah and Isabella should be commended for their professionalism, patience, and attention to their swimmer’s needs. This turned out far better than I could have imagined. Thank you again so much. I look forward to signing her up again next summer.

Dean G.