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Thank you for choosing Swim-in Zone for your child’s or your own journey of learning to swim. We love kids and we love swimming. We think you will see a difference in the way your child is welcomed and taught. At Swim-in Zone your child will enjoy success in our child-centered swim teaching curriculum. We will introduce new skills or a new spin on an old skill only when your child is ready to learn, ensuring success and enjoyment of the water environment.

Penny Pantano


Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

We, at Swim-in Zone Swim School, understand that you’re eager for your child to be safer in the water. You want them to enjoy lessons and have fun swimming. Our goal is to help every child become a safer swimmer at each stage of cognitive and motor development.

Please give your child time to learn at his own pace, a pace that will allow his learning to stick with him for a lifetime. Learning to swim is a developmental process, like the progressions in learning to walk- crawl, stand, walk, run. In the same way, our instructors know that your child needs to pass through stages to develop water comfort to become ready to be safer in deep water. Comfortable enough to be able to think and respond in any situation and not panic.

We work in partnership with parents to bring a young swimmer from uncertainty in water, to comfort, to confidence, and finally to skill and good judgment. We ask that you trust our training, experience, and our system. Sit back and enjoy the process of your child’s learning. We hope you’ll avail yourself of opportunities to play in the water with your child at our Friday Family Practice swims.

Thank you.

In partnership to make your child as water-safe as can be,

Penny Pantano, Owner

Swim-in Zone Swim School


What to Expect from My Child

Your child should be having fun in their swimming lessons and progressing at their own pace. If your child is not happy, please tell us. We will switch teachers, classes, or whatever it takes to assure comfort and success. We really want your child to be happy in the pool.

How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?

How do you define “swim”? Technically swimming is simply moving through the water.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Statement in 2019 in response to the statistics that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4 and the 3rd cause of death in ages 15-19, defined water competency as “the ability to enter the water, surface, turn around toward the exit, propel oneself for 25 yds, float or tread water, then exit from the water.” In addition, the statement includes knowing risks associated with water situations and conditions present in quarries, lakes, oceans, creeks, rivers, or any body of water, as well as learn CPR and simple rescues.

The United States Swim School Association goes a bit further in their definition of a Safer Swimmer and adds “tread water or hold a resting float with the ability to transition into forward movement. Propel oneself 25 yds. while taking breaths and to have the emotional level to adapt to different water situations.” An understanding of important water safety rules, CPR, and simple rescues is also included.

There really is no magic number of lessons, as each child is different. Learning to swim is a process- a journey. Swimming is a motor skill that takes practice. Some children take a long time (1+years) to go underwater and start floating, while others fearlessly go underwater after only a few lessons. Generally, it takes 2 sessions of weekly lessons to progress through one of Swim-in Zone’s color levels.

Every child will probably encounter a level that challenges them and will need to be repeated more than twice. Kids usually get stuck in Level 1 until they can go underwater and float and Level 4 because of the requirements of distance and stroke execution for all 6 strokes. Swim-in Zone guarantees that a swimmer (>age 4) will not spend more than three consecutive sessions (excluding 1-week summer session) in one color level or the 4th session is free.

What can parents do to help?

Give your child experiences in and around water. Take them to the pool, the lake or the ocean. Come to family practice swim. In the tub, pour water over their heads, lie back to get their ears wet, try out goggles and go underwater. Showers are also a good way to get their heads wet.

Let the teacher relate to your child without interference. Show confidence in the teacher by sitting in the multipurpose room.  Please take a “water watcher” badge from the wall in the multipurpose room to sit in the pool area.

Does repeating a level mean that my child will be learning the same things over?

Swimming is a motor skill unique to all others because of the comfort required in the water environment.  All levels have similar skills, but it is the quality of the execution of the skill that determines passing to the next level. So yes, the children must practice the same skills, repeatedly, from Level 1 through Level 5. (Even the Olympians practice torpedoes). Each level should find the skills getting stronger, more consistent, and progressively better. The safety skills need to be drilled repeatedly for them to be learned well enough to become automatic and therefore lifesaving.

What are the major goals in each level?

Level 1   Comfortable underwater for approximately 6 sec. on the steps.  Starting to “swim” on the steps.

Level 2   Comfortable underwater anywhere in the pool. Able to turn over to breathe. Coordinate elem. backstroke.

Level 3   Nice front & back crawl with proper breath exchange. 25yds.

Level 4   Front and back crawl for a longer distance (100+ yds). Coordinate breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke. Turns.

Level 5   All strokes and turns perfect. Able to swim 300 yds. without stopping.

Graduation requirements:  Swimmers graduate from Swim-in Zone if they have:  attended 4 sessions, can swim in good form with well executed turns 200yds. of freestyle, 100yds. of backstroke, 100yds. of breaststroke and 100yds. of elementary backstroke. They must tread water for 2 minutes and pass a written 10 point safety quiz.


What to Expect from Us

We pride ourselves on our quality of instruction, flexibility, and cleanliness.

Curriculum: We use a Progressive Rainbow curriculum developed by our owner Penny Pantano based on her 40+ years of teaching and coaching swimming. Each level is color-coded using the rainbow, starting with red and ending with the pot of gold. Each level becomes increasingly complex with distance components, challenging the skill development as well as the swimmer’s comfort and cognitive development. The same sequence of skills and vocabulary are used throughout our program so that no instructional time is lost changing from one instructor to another.

Instructors:      All of our instructors are excellent swimmers, many with a background in competitive swimming. Each instructor has 40+ hours of training using our videos, on-line modules, manual, in-water training, and hands-on apprenticeship. Each instructor brings their own personality and teaching style to the program.  Some instructors are better with more advanced swimmers, and others work miracles with the reluctant swimmers.  Most of our instructors have families, other jobs, or school commitments and teach swimming part-time because they love it.  Their schedules and availability may change from one session to the next depending on their other commitments. Your child’s instructor will most likely not be available for make-ups.

Sessions: We have 4 sessions per year, fall, winter, spring, and summer.  Each is about 10-15 weeks long. We have found that it takes time for the children to know their teacher, their classmates and practice the skills progressions. Then in the last 4 weeks of a session,  they seem to put it all together and “take-off”.

Schedule:  Our class schedule is on-line and is easily accessed by parents. Call 610-625-4848 if you do not see what you would like, and we will try our best to accommodate all requests and switches. During the school year, we are busiest after school and on weekends. During the summer, we are busiest during the day. Our Spring session is our busiest session. Families in our winter session have priority to sign up for Spring.

Pool: The water temperature is 88 degrees, so the children can focus on learning and not on being cold. Our water is disinfected by ultraviolet light, carefully chlorinated, and pH balanced by a computer-controlled automated system. It is filtered in our twin high-pressure sand filters at 350 gal/min resulting in a 3-hr. turnover, exceeding the PA state standard of 8 hrs.  We drain and refill at least twice per year. An independent lab takes weekly pool samples for testing. The pool is 25 yards long and 3.5-5 ft. deep.

The Building is cleaned and sanitized nightly.

Closing: Closings or delays are pushed out on our App and listed on our website.


Make Ups

Schedule Group Make-up Classes online!

Schedule a missed Group Lesson online using the Parent Portal:  When a swimmer misses a class, the swimmer is marked absent. Then, the parent can schedule a make-up class on-line in the swimmers’ swim level. Group make-up dates are pre-scheduled and are available for on-line sign-ups 7-10 days ahead of the date of the make-up class. If you know you will miss, please call and we can mark your child(ren) absent and then schedule for a make-up class before it is missed. Your child will probably not have his/her regular teacher for the make-up lesson.  You can also choose a family swim in lieu of the group make-up lesson.

We want you to receive all the classes for which you have paid. There are no cash refunds or credits for missed classes without a doctor’s note in specific cases. However, we do have a generous make-up policy. Your child(ren) may make-up in group classes within the same session, regardless of the reason classes were missed, at no additional charge.

  • Parent/Child and Swim Team Make-ups: We offer flexible make-ups for anyone in our parent/child or Swim Team classes. Those students may attend any other parent/child or swim team class within the same session. There is typically only one makeup spot per Parent/Child or Swim Team class. These cannot be scheduled online; please call or stop by the front desk.
  • Little and Big Dipper Classes: Because of the young age of the children in these classes, if a Little or Big Dippers class is missed, the only option is to attend a Parent/Child class. Little Dippers should attend an Intermediate or First Timers class and Big Dippers should attend an Advanced or Too Little but Too Good class. An adult must attend in the water with the child when making up in a Parent/Child class.
  • Private and Semi-Private Make-ups: There is no longer a selection offered for “Private with Makeups” and “Private No Makeups”. Any semi-private or private student may make up their missed class in the same manner for a small fee. If the makeup is due to a closure at Swim-in Zone, then there is no fee. Please note that the teacher for the make-up lesson is typically not your child’s regular teacher. These cannot be scheduled online; please call or stop by the front desk. You may decide on a group makeup for your child, which can be scheduled online and there will be no additional fee. A group makeup typically has 3-4 children depending upon the time & teacher.
    • Private: $10 charge for private make-up.
    • Semi-private: $5 charge per child for semi-private make-up.

All missed classes must be made up by the last day of the session. Make-ups cannot be carried over from session to session. If you cannot attend a make-up class, please ask to schedule a Family Swim.

*Notification of class cancellations due to building closures will be on our website and Swim-In Zone App*


Swim Parties

Swim Parties are a blast at Swim-in Zone!  Children have a great time in the pool and parents have an easy time in preparation and clean up.  Book your party online at the front desk or by phone.

Parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays during the school year and Saturdays in the summer.  Additional hours may be available on a school holiday or during the summer.

Party Types:

  • Party Plus
  • Exclusive Family Swim
  • Punch Card

Adults are encouraged to go into the pool & have fun with the kids!


Family Swim & Special Events

Friday Practice Swims are a great opportunity for the children to swim with their family and show them what they have learned and practice new skills. Friday Practice Swims are FREE for any family in the current session whose lessons are paid in full and $5 for any family until their balance is paid.

  • Family is defined as parents and siblings living in the same house.
  • Please attend the Friday Practice Swims during the session in which your child is currently enrolled.
  • During the summer, Friday Practice swims are available for any swimmers attending the 10-week summer session- or 2 weeklong sessions.
  • Due to COVID restrictions, each family must sign-up for Friday Family Practice Swims in advance. Please call 610-625-4848 to sign-up or you may sign-up at the front desk. In order to give all families a chance to attend the practice swims, each family can sign-up for 2 family swims at a time.  After those swims are completed, each family may sign-up for 2 more.

Swim-in Zone has many special events throughout the year.  Look for posted flyers or our newsletter for pricing and specific dates.

  • Swim Meets
  • New Year’s Eve Party
  • Winter Break private lessons between Christmas and New Years
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Triathlon
  • Summer camp


Besides Lessons

Besides Lessons…

Ask at the front desk or schedule about…

Current Lap Swim times: Times available for Lap Swimming; reservations required (via membership or punch card)

Free Friday Family Swim: Free “open” swim times; Fridays

Free Water Safety Programs: Free for preschools and elementary schools. Swim-in Zone will present a water safety program to children Pre-K through 2nd grade.  Have your child’s teacher call to schedule a presentation during the months of February through May.

Scout Groups and Non-Profit Groups: Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are welcome to do their swimming requirements or badge work at Swim-in Zone.  We have BSA merit badge counselors on staff.


Adult Lessons

Can you save yourself if you get in trouble in the water?

Can you save your child?     

Can your child swim better than you?

All of these are great reasons to learn to swim. Adult lessons are taught at your level, whether you are afraid, need to learn the proper way to breathe, or improve your stroke. We have private lessons or semi-private lessons for teens and adults.



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