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Safety Focused Lessons

Water Safety is at the heart of our lessons. We want your children to not only learn to swim but be water safe as well.


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Guaranteed Progression

Swim-in Zone guarantees that a swimmer (>age 4) will not spend more than three CONSECUTIVE sessions (must be 2 weeklong weeks in summer session) in one color level or the 4th session is free.


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FREE Group Make-Ups

We offer free group make-ups and a small fee for private and semiprivate make-up classes. Schedule online or over the phone.


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Over 16 Year in Business

Swim-in Zone will celebrate its 17-year anniversary in 2021. More than 50% of our staff have worked at Swim-in Zone for 5 years or more with a combined experience of over 200 years of teaching and coaching swimming.


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Development and readiness are integral in the process of learning to swim. At Swim-in Zone our curriculum advances the student in swimming and water safety skills as their comfort in the water, personal growth, agility, and acuity increase.


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Relationships Matter

Relationships to parents, children, and our business. Trust is key to learning any new skill, even more so, because swimming lessons are conducted in a water environment where the rules involve buoyancy as well as gravity. To help the student with confidence, we strive for consistency in the message as well as the instructor.


Family Owned

Family owned and members of the family actually work full time in the business. Ms. Penny and Mr. Jim also work to make every staff member feel like they are part of the Swim-in Zone family.

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Lesson pricing is based on the number of lessons taken during a session. We are currently offering private, semiprivate, small group, and small parent-child classes.

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