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Saving lives, Touching lives, Changing Lives

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Our Story

We open our doors on May 28, 2004, and have been teaching lessons ever since. Since our opening, we have taught over 13,722 students how to swim. In our over 16 years of business, we have enjoyed hearing how we have changed the lives of families and children of the Lehigh Valley.

What We Do

Swim Lessons

Teaching children and adults to swim is the heart of our business. We teach 7 days a week in our 88° pool.

Lifeguard Training

We offer lifeguard training courses for newly aspiring lifeguards and review courses for seasoned lifeguards.

Special Events

Through out the year, we hold events like swim meets, easter egg hunt, triathlon, and a new years party.

Swim Parties

Create a SPLASH with your party this year!

Our Mission & Approach

Swim-in Zone, Inc. is dedicated to quality instruction by a serious staff of committed instructors in water safety, water confidence, and swimming in a friendly atmosphere where learning is fun, at maximum value to the student.

Years in Business

We are the first swim academy in the Lehigh Valley and proud to continue serving our community and making it water safe.

Years of COMBINED Experience

Our instructors have over 200 years of experience teaching swimming.

Students Taught

Since our doors opened we have taught thousands of children and adults to swim.

Program Graduates

Graduates from our program can swim 200yds of freestyle,100 yds of backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke and perform all turns and pullouts.

Why Choose Us?


Our facility is specific designed to teach swimming.


With small classes and a proprietary progressive learning system, we provide maximum value to the student.


Our staff have stayed with us over the years with over 50% have been working with us for over 5 years.