Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

Spring Session Swim Class Enrollment 2023

Spring Session Swim Class Enrollment 2023

Our spring session enrollment begins in the new year. Spring is the best time of year to get your children ready for summer swimming. With our 15 week spring session you will see a lot of growth in your child’s swimming ability. Sign up as soon as you can to get your preferred day and time.

Here is our priority schedule:

  • Winter Students – 1/1/23
    • Online only for 1/1. We will be back in the office 1/2 to take phone calls
  • Everyone Else – 1/9/23

Spring Session 2022

Spring Session 2022

We will begin enrollment for our spring session starting in the new year. Spring is the only session we do priority enrollment.

Priority Enrollment Schedule

  1. School Year Option Students – You are already enrolled!
    1. If you need or want to change your classes day and time please contact the front desk before the 1/1/22.
  2. Winter Students – Janurary 1st (Online only) through Janrary 6th.
    1. We will be in the office starting Jan. 2nd for registration in-person and over the phone.
    2. Enrollment is available after the 6th as well but your priority is lost.
  3. Previous and New Students – Janurary 7th

When should I register?

We highly recommend registering as soon as you can as our schedule normally fills quickly for the spring session. If you are having difficulty finding what you need, the best option is to give us a call.

When does the spring session start?

Spring session begins Feb. 28th and goes through June 12, 2022.


Pricing is based on how many classes are scheduled.

  • 15 weeks for classes on Tuesday’s-Saturday’s.
  • 14 weeks for classes on Monday’s & Sunday’s.
    • We are closed for Easter & Memorial Day.

We have new monthly pricing available!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our front desk. And thank you for choosing Swim-in Zone!

School Year Option 2021-2022

School Year Option 2021-2022

School Year Option (SYO) registration will begins on May 19th. If you are new to us or just hearing about SYO for the first time here is a bit more information.

SYO allows you to sign up for our Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions all at once.

Additional benefits:

  • Priority scheduling! Being the first families to schedule classes in all sessions allows you to schedule multiple children at once on your preferred day and time.
  • Multiple payment options including automatic monthly.
  • Keep same day and time throughout the school year if you choose.
    • Changes to your schedule happen before all others can sign up.
  • Lock-in pricing
    • All school year option families will not see any price increases if there are any throughout the year.

Am I guaranteed to keep the same instructor throughout the school year?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot guarantee the same instructor for the entire year as their availability may change from session to session. We will do our best to keep the same instructor if possible. Having first priority in our schedule gives you the best chance to keep the same instructor.

How can I schedule my children?

You can schedule over the phone, in-person, or online. We suggest calling if you cannot find what you need online as SYO families are building our schedule for the year.

We are very excited for this coming school year and we look forward to seeing all your children’s progress!

Spring 2021 – Swimming Lessons for a Safer Summer

Spring 2021 – Swimming Lessons for a Safer Summer

With 2020 coming to a close we are excited for 2021 and what it will bring. We are starting 2021 off with our spring session enrollment. Here are the details so you are prepared to sign up your swimmers and have a safer summer.

Priority Scheduling

  1. Winter Session Students – January 1st Online Only
    1. January 2nd our phones and the front desk will be open for enrollment
  2. Previous & New Students – January 16th

Can I sign up for winter to get into spring session early?

Yes! We still have plenty of learning in our winter session and by signing up now you can gain early access to the spring session.

How long is the spring session?

Spring session will run from March 1, 2021 to June 13, 2021.

There are 15 lessons this session, except for Mondays & Sundays which have 14 lessons. No Class Easter Sunday and Memorial Day. There will be a class on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

What will class sizes be?

We understand that class size is very important for safety right now. Class sizes for our group class will remain limited to:

  • 30 Minute Group – 3:1
  • 45 Minute Group – 4:1
  • Parent-Child – 5:1
  • Swim Team – 6:1

Below are the popular times for each day of the week by the hour. We offer class time and day changes at no additional charge.

How can I sign up?

You will be able to sign up for the spring session online, over the phone, or in-person. When signing up in person please remember to maintain social distance and wear your mask.

Winter Session Registration 2020-2021

Winter Session Registration 2020-2021

Winter session registration will begin on October 5th.

The winter session is a 12-week session that runs from November 30th – February 28th.

Price Reductions

We have reduced pricing on a few of our classes as we are getting back to some sense of normal. We have increased the allowable number of children in some classes to help reduce pricing.

30 Minute Group Classes: $26/class → $25/class (Ratio is 4:1)

45 Minute Group Classes: $29/class → $28/class (Ratio is 5:1)

Parent Child Classes: $21/class → $19/class (Ratio is 6:1)

Current Fall Session Swimmers can Sign Up Now!

We hope to see you this winter for some warm water fun!

Pricing Update for Next Session

Pricing Update for Next Session

Dear Swim-in Zone Families,

We love our families and we wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for you. We love seeing your children grow, not just into great swimmers, but into great people. Many of your little ones come back to us to get certified in lifeguarding and even to work to teach the next generation of fish.

However, as much as we have hoped and prayed, CoVid is not going away. Like most businesses, we are facing the hard challenge of trying to break even when distancing requirements necessitate drastically reducing volume. We reduced our budget and reevaluated our pricing, and we regrettably found that we must take the difficult step of raising prices for our upcoming sessions. We are very sorry about this, but there is little choice if we are to survive as a business.

The Good News is that swimming in a chlorinated, ultraviolet environment may be one of the safest environments for your family. There will be less people in the building and lots of room for each class in the pool. Private lesson options will be available for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Semiprivate (just 2 in a class) will be available for anyone over the age of 2, you no longer need to have your own partner. The few group classes will be limited to 3 students, with 6 in a swim team practice and 4 parent/child pairs in the baby classes.

The consequence of limiting the number of classes & swimmers in the pool, especially group classes, is that the scheduling options for our families will be reduced. All family members may not be able to attend at the same time.

To make payments easier for you and to spread them out, Swim-in Zone now has a monthly option for payment, automatically billing your credit card each month.

Regrettably with sincerity,

Penny and Jim Pantano