Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

Online scheduling is here! After 2 years of development we are finally ready to release online scheduling. Starting this week, current previous and new clients can register for classes online.

New homepage - Parent Portal
Begin scheduling classes from the parent portal homepage.

Under the Make Up Classes section you will find the new Schedule Classes Button. Clicking on this button will begin your new schedule classes feature. Where you can search for classes that fit your children’s age and level.

Multiple Sessions - Hompage
You can now see all classes that your children are signed up for in future sessions.
Session Selection Screen
Select which session you would like to sign up for.

Can I sign up multiple children at once?

Yes! We know many of you have multiple children in your families and we wanted to make it simple for you to schedule all your children at once.

Select the child(ren) you would like to sign up for classes.
Class Selection Screen
Select your classes for your child(ren).

Can I sign up for multiple classes per week?

Yes! You will be given an option to sign up for additional classes after you choose your first class.

When can we sign up for classes?

We will be publishing classes for our spring session this week and summer session sign ups will begin later this spring.

I do not have my parent portal login.

Don’t worry just give us a call and we can confirm your email address and get you access to the parent portal. If you forgot your password, you can always use the forgot password link to set a new one.

Privates & Semiprivate Classes.

If you’re looking for private and semiprivate classes please give us a call.

Demand Scheduling

You are probably wondering what will happen to demand scheduling. Demand scheduling is not going anywhere. We will begin registration over the phone just like normal but once a class is created it will then be published to the parent portal for everyone. If you want that perfect day and time for the summer session, you can still get it on the first day of sign ups.


The online scheduling does not yet support discounts. At this time there are a few ways we can apply your discount:

  1. Schedule your classes over the phone.
  2. Give us a call after you schedule your classes and we will apply a credit to your account.
  3. Choose a multiple payment option and give us a call. We will apply a credit to the payments and credit the $5 service as well.