Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

This is an ongoing history of our guidelines for COVID-19. The latest update below is currently being followed.

Update Summer 2021

Updated: 7/10/21

As of June 28, 2021, the mask mandate has been lifted here in PA. These are our updated guidelines:

  • Clients who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks.
  • Children do not have to wear masks in the pool but we suggest they still wear one in other areas of the building.
  • Staff who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks.
    • Staff may choose to still wear a mask or face sheild in the water even if they are fully vaccinated.
  • The Pool Area is available for parents to sit and watch their child’s lesson. This will help social distancing in our viewing area.
  • Please no eating in the viewing room. Please eat outside, we have some benches under the patio.

Update for Spring Session 2021

Updated: 2/24/21

In the past Spring has been our busiest session and this year things are still different than before. We want to take some time to remind you of all we are doing and how you can help.

  • Remaining at a limited capacity.
  • Our scheduled cleanings will continue.
  • Staff will continue to wear a mask in the water and either glasses or a splash guard.
  • Please wear your mask when in the building. Children can remove masks when their instructor calls them into the pool area.
    • *Swim Team Student – Please wear masks into the pool area as your instructor will to talking to you about the day’s practice at the beginning of each class.
  • The Pool Area is available for parents to sit and watch their child’s lesson. This will help social distancing in our viewing area.
  • Please no eating in the viewing room. Please eat outside, we have some benches under the patio.

Due to Recent Covid Surge

Updated: 11/20/20

We are increasing our precautions in the water due to recent surge in Covid-19 cases in PA.

  • Our instructors are required to wear a facemask and splash guard.
  • Parents in Parent-child classes are required to wear a facemask or face shield in the water. We will be providing face shields for these families if they would like one.

Green Phase Update

Yay, we are in green phase! We will be changing a few of our procedures with green phase:

  • Temperatures will not be taken at the door, but masks are still required.
  • We have a regular cleaning schedule that our staff will be doing. But we do have cleaning supplies available for you to clean the chairs you use, if you would like.

Is it safe to swim? 

The pool is probably the safest place you can be because of the chlorinated water and our UV Light Filtration system. Water chlorinated at 2 ppm will kill all germs and viruses, including the Coronavirus. We take sanitation one step further and have a UV Light Filter, which also kills all germs and pathogens. 

Is it safe to be at your facility? 

  • Everyone at Swim-in Zone is committed to safety; it’s a central core to our business. We are doing everything within our power to keep our facility as clean as possible.  
  • We have 3 Certified Pesticide Applicators on staff, which means Penny, Mr. Dan, and Jim are all certified to handle chemicals safely.  
  • Before you enter the building, you will be required to have your temperature checked, be given a squirt of hand sanitizer, and you must be wearing a mask.  
  • After checking in, you will be directed into our party room, where all chairs are distanced apart. We have a designated cleaner in the area who will be wiping down all chairs, changing rooms, bathrooms, as well as opening doors for you. 
  • Each instructor has his/her own door that the children will enter and exit from. Instructors will also have staggered lesson times to help keep everyone distanced.

How will everything be cleaned? 

  • We use a cleaner called Hi-Con 64, which is a hospital-grade disinfectant. 
  • We will have a designated cleaner in the party room, who will wipe down all areas, including chairs, continuously.  (changed in Green Phase)

What are the procedures for entering the facility? / How do I come in? 

  • You must be signed up for a lesson prior to entering the building. Our summer session starts on June 15th, and you can register online or call us and sign up on the phone.  
  • Everyone must wear a mask (except children under 4). 
  • Once at our location, you will be required to get a squirt of hand sanitizer, have your temperature taken (no longer required for clients – Only Staff), and sign a waiver. The waiver only needs to be signed the 1st time you enter the building post-March 2020, which includes COVID-19. 
  • You must then check-in at the Front Desk for attendance and to locate which door your child’s teacher will call your child from. 
  • Once fully checked in, you can go to the Party Room and have a seat. All seats are distanced, and we ask that you please keep your children with you at all times.  

Should my child be wearing his/her bathing suit? 

  • For children who are fully potty trained, yes. Anything to make the changing process coming into lessons as smooth as possible. 
  • For Parent/Child classes, we understand that you might not want your child to wear a swimming diaper until you get here. We have changing pads in the party room available as well as the locker rooms.  

Should my child wear a mask? 

  • Everyone over the age of 4 must wear a mask to enter the building. 
  • Once your child is invited into the water with the instructor, he/she can take the mask off. 
  • The CDC does not recommend wearing a mask in the water because it will inhibit breathing once it gets wet. 

Will the instructor be wearing a mask? 

  • Yes! The instructor will have on a clear, plastic face shield. We are calling them splash guards. 
  • If your child is too upset by this, we can choose to take the mask off. The CDC is not recommending any type of mask in the water, but we are trying to be cautious and conscientious of everyone’s needs.  

Can I use the locker rooms? 

  • We are reserving the lockers rooms for the Parent/Child classes only, and only 2 families can use it at a time. 
  • Everyone else should either wrap their children up in a towel and leave (through the exit doors), or quickly use one of our changing rooms and leave.  

Can I use the Changing Rooms? 

Yes, we have 4 doored changing rooms and 4 curtained off changing areas that you can use after your lessons. 

Can I use the Group Shower Area? 

  • Yes, as long as there are not more than 2 families using it at a time.  
  • We retain the right to close this area if we find that families are not distancing.  

Who can bring my child to lessons? Can grandparents come? 

  • We prefer only 1 caregiver to bring the child(ren) to lessons. 
  • We are okay if the grandparent is the caregiver bringing your child(ren) to lessons. We prefer only 1 caregiver. 
  • At this time, we prefer to not have extra family come to watch the lessons because of the limits we have for the number of patrons in the building You are more than welcome to take a video of the lessons and share it. Please tag us on social media too! 

What happens when the lesson is over? / How do I leave? 

  • We have a one way in and out at the our front entrance and in the pool area.
  • We would prefer a quick exit of wrapping your child up in a towel and leaving. 
  • If you need to rinse off and change, changing rooms are available.