Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

Yes! We are back in the Pool. Hurrah!

Yeah! What fun to be back in the pool!”

“Getting back in the pool is just wonderful”

Ms. Penny said, “I have never been out of the water that long in my whole life”.

“I never enjoyed anything so much as my first time back in the pool after this shutdown”

“This morning my child took his pj’s off and put on his swim suit and goggles. He is more than excited.”

“I’m so glad that you are open. Thank you.”

“Can’t I stay longer?”

“I’m so glad to be out of the house and my kids exercising! I am so ready to get going again.”

What it means to be “green”.

Group Weeklong lessons, group make-up lessons as well as private lessons and semiprivate lessons. We can also have 50% capacity which is 84 people for a building of 9,000 sq. ft.
Yeah! Our county is going to “green” on 6/26. Free group make-ups can now be scheduled as well as private makeups for $10 each. Small birthday parties and expanded times for lap swim will all be added to the schedule soon. Masks are still required but some distancing requirements and other requirements are relaxed.

New Make Up Policies

Parent/Child Classes:

  • MUST sign up in advance
  • Only 1 parent/child can do a make up per class

Private Lessons:

  • $10 per make up

Semi-Private Lessons:

  • $10 per make up

Group Make Ups:

  • No charge

Remote Swim-in Zone!

Swim lessons at your pool.

Swim-in Zone will send an instructor to your (or family or friend’s) home pool and teach swimming to your children and any other children that you chose.

Please see our website or call us for more information. Lessons will be available throughout the summer.

Does my Child still need swim lessons?

When can a parent feel confident in their child’s ability to survive a water related accident in any body of water? When is a child finished with swim lessons?

At Swim-in Zone we teach, safety and survival skills at every lesson in every level such as: wait for the grown-up; grown-up always first in the pool; grown-up must be watching– not reading, on phone or on computer; parents put on and take off lifejackets or puddle jumpers, jumping safely; safety when diving; treading water, rollover to float and breathe, what to do when you fall off the step, wall or noodle; ask a grown-up for help to go after a toy and how to help others by staying safe themselves.

The American Academy of Pediatrics definition of basic swim skills and water competency focuses not only on swim skills or strokes but also on the person’s ability to recognize and respond to dangers, get to where they need to go or float and call for help.

American Academy of Pediatrics 2019

Enter the water; Surface; Turn around; Propel oneself for at least 25 yds.;
Float or tread water then; Exit from the water
“Water competency is the ability to anticipate, avoid, and survive common drowning situations. The components of water competency include water safety awareness, basic swim skills, and the ability to recognize and respond to a swimmer in trouble.”

“Learning to swim needs to be seen as a component of water competency that also includes knowledge and awareness of local hazards/risks and of one’s own limitations, how to wear a life jacket, ability to recognize and respond to a swimmer in distress, call for help, and to perform safe rescue and CPR.”

Other organizations such aa the American Swim Coaches Association, the United States Swim School Association and The Boy Scouts of America have all de- fined what it takes to be a “safer or competent” swimmer.

So now how many of you, parents, need some swim lessons? We can fix that too!

Weeklong Accelerated Classes

(starting in green phase with reduced ratios)

Every day Monday thru Friday from 9 am-6 pm. A new week of classes starts every Monday.

Type of Class
LengthRatioFee for 5 Classes

All ages and levels


2 year old (Dippers) class

Semiprivate with partner
30min2:1350 for 2

Private No Make-ups

Non-refundable registration fee $35 for new families; $18 renewal. Same swimmer 4th, 5th summer week 20% off.