Summer Session Enrollment Available 4/12

School Year Option (SYO) registration will begins on May 19th. If you are new to us or just hearing about SYO for the first time here is a bit more information.

SYO allows you to sign up for our Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions all at once.

Additional benefits:

  • Priority scheduling! Being the first families to schedule classes in all sessions allows you to schedule multiple children at once on your preferred day and time.
  • Multiple payment options including automatic monthly.
  • Keep same day and time throughout the school year if you choose.
    • Changes to your schedule happen before all others can sign up.
  • Lock-in pricing
    • All school year option families will not see any price increases if there are any throughout the year.

Am I guaranteed to keep the same instructor throughout the school year?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot guarantee the same instructor for the entire year as their availability may change from session to session. We will do our best to keep the same instructor if possible. Having first priority in our schedule gives you the best chance to keep the same instructor.

How can I schedule my children?

You can schedule over the phone, in-person, or online. We suggest calling if you cannot find what you need online as SYO families are building our schedule for the year.

We are very excited for this coming school year and we look forward to seeing all your children’s progress!