Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

My mother loves to tell me the story of my first swim meet. I was 4 or 5 years old and my event was coming up. I was hysterically crying for Lord knows what reason, and I was being comforted by my coach, Shane. I’m sure I was upset because I had to swim a whole 25 or dive off the block, or some overly dramatic reason. That’s the only thing she remembers about my 1st swim meet. 

My earliest memory of Summer Swim Meets were the sugar highs from eating jello powder and pixie sticks, and the hot dog and orange tang at the end. Nothing tasted better than a boiled hot dog at 930 on a warm, summer night, after swimming your heart out in the 8 and under 100 yd. free relay. 

As low-key and fun Summer Swim Meets were, Swim-in Zone has a similar vibe. Our swim meets are smaller and give kids a taste of what meets are all about. Most importantly, though, they are fun! They give the kids the experience of competition, give parents something to cheer about, and ultimately, it gives everyone a reminder of what normalcy is. 

Even if your child isn’t sure about competitive swimming, it’s a great experience. Kids are grouped by age, gender, and event. So all the 6-year-old girls swimming a 25 yd freestyle will be together. Same with the 7-, 8-, and 9-year-olds. There are also 30 ft events (the width of the pool) for the little kids (ages 7 and under). If you’re not sure your child could make the whole length, we have the shorter distances, so they can still participate. Plus, we have attendants (our instructor volunteers) who will be in the lane just in case your child becomes uncomfortable. 

And our instructors love to watch their kids! Many of our instructors will stay to help, and they want to cheer on their kids. Ms. Annie, especially, loves seeing her kids compete. In her words, “it’s a vibe!” She loves the fun, loud atmosphere, where everyone is cheering and there’s such a vibrant energy. 

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This year, however, we are doing things a bit differently, but the low stakes energy will be the same. The older kids (ages 6+ and able to swim 25+ yds) will be swimming on Friday, November 5th, at 645 pm, and the younger kids (ages 3-7 and able to swim 30 yds or the width of the pool) will be swimming Saturday, November 6th, at 2 pm. We do have a limit of 45 kids per day, and there is a $10 charge per day per child; however, each child can swim up to 4 events. You can sign up at the Front Desk, but the deadline is Friday, October 29th. So while you are planning your Halloween costumes, plan your events, and we will see you and your kids the 1st weekend of November swimming their hearts out!