Spring Session Enrollment Now Available!

We get a lot of parents asking about their child’s progress in our lessons. This especially happens at the end of the session when parents see the certificates and realize their children are not moving up to the next level. We often hear: “why haven’t you communicated this with us?” or “we didn’t know!” and also “what can we practice to make sure he does move up?”

Before getting into how we communicate with parents, let me say that repeating a level is totally fine and normal! Even if you practice all the skills with your child every Friday night at Family Swim (<–shameless plug for Family Swim, Fridays at 1-230 or 630-8), your child will still need to repeat levels occasionally because physically they might not be ready to move on, and that’s okay!

But, back to our main concern: we do communicate with parents! And you can know (what’s going on with her swim lessons)! And you can know exactly what to practice, if you check your child’s level sheet!

Our level sheets are located in the back of the party room and are in bins marked with the days of the week. Each level sheet is in the instructor’s folder for each specific day. These level sheets are updated weekly (or they should be updated weekly).

Each level sheet has the students’ general information–Name, allergies (if applicable), the session, instructor’s name, day of the week, and time. There’s a general description of the level and also a space for attendance. The rest of the level sheet is to mark off skills. Each skill has a Beginning (the child was introduced to the skill), an Emerging (the class is working on the skill and it’s coming along), and Mastered (the child can do the skill perfectly, each time, without thinking about it). When looking at the level sheets, you can clearly see what skills your child is rocking at, and what skills your child may need more practice with. 

There’s also a spot for instructor notes (if the instructor has any) and our recommendation for whether or not your child is moving up at mid-session and at the end of the session. 

Example Level Sheet

As I mentioned before, these level sheets should be updated weekly, so you can know your child’s progress at all times. If you are unable to find your child’s level sheet or it hasn’t been updated in awhile, please let the Front Desk know! We want to make sure all our instructors are communicating with you.

We are coming up on mid-session report time, so level sheets should be updated to reflect where we think our kids will be for the Winter. These reports are due by Oct. 3rd, which is the 1st day for Winter registration. So, check your child’s level sheet and sign up for Winter! 🙂