Summer Session Enrollment Available 4/12

Dear Swim-in Zone Families,

Yesterday we experienced a car fire outside of our facility. We are happy to let you know that everyone is safe and there was no damage to the facility. We are grateful and humbled by our team’s professional and instant response to try and extinguish this fire.

Thank you to both Upper and Lower Saucon Fire Companies and their crews for their response and controlling the fire.

We understand this may have been unsettling for you and your children. We know from experience that a difficult experience can linger into future classes and activities. This is normal and expected. We have found it most helpful to the child’s learning and continued progress to resume lessons sooner, reestablishing their routine and schedule. This helps them work through fear and anxiety, rather than providing the time and opportunity for rumination. We have issued a make-up for each of today’s swimmers and encourage you to schedule them this week.

We again commend the Swim-in Zone team members on their instincts, response, and action. This is their training, professionalism, care, and dedication at work. It is a privilege for us to have them as our colleagues.

Please call (610) 625-4848 or email us to schedule your make-up.


Sue Schuster & the Swim-in Zone Team